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ACTOR PROFILE, USA mobile number: +971-517-4570


Teacher, Voice talent


Mayen started performing professionally 31 years ago after finishing a summer theatre workshop with her home theatre group TRUMPETS, inC. Since then, she has joined many productions with several local theatre groups (Repertory Philippines, CCP’s Tanghalang Pilipino, Atlantis Productions, Actors’ Actors, Inc., Stages Productions, Upstart Productions, World Theatre Project, The Egg Theatre Company & Heroes Square, to name a few), as well as abroad, with groups like Singapore Action Theatre & Abu Dhabi’s TENT Pictures Production, doing straight plays, musicals & most recently, music supervising for an animation movie.  Her experience includes acting on stage and on screen for several indie films, TV shows & TV Ads,  singing, VOs & hosting for live concerts & events, TV ad jingles & album recordings.  She directs shows & plays and teaches Acting & Musical Theatre to teens and adults.  She was acting coach & 2nd unit director for several indie films.  She is well travelled & her Sociology background allows her to understand and work well with other cultures. She is trained in Improv, mask acting, basic tap dancing, ballet & jazz, as well. She loves languages and picks up the local speech wherever she goes.  She knows basic Japanese, Emirati Arabic, Cambodian, French, Nepali, including Sign Language level 1 (SEE: Signing Exact English). She lived in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates with her husband Steve Cadd from 2017 to 2023. Presently, she is based in their US hometown in Oregon.

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