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Actor, Singer, Voice Talent, Choreographer, Teacher, Assistant Director, & Licensed Financial Advisor


Kyla Rivera started onstage at age 3, training first in classical ballet until age 17.  She was invited to become junior faculty when she was 10 years old, and she was trained to become a teacher.

As a college freshman, she helped work towards reviving what is now Ateneo Blue Repertory, and received a lot of her theatre training from there, aside from taking workshops with Repertory Philippines and Trumpets Playshop.  She started her professional theatre career in 2003, and values continuous learning.  She has trained with Chari Arespacochaga, Ana Abad Santos, Jenny Jamora and Jaime del Mundo.

In 2007, she was one of the 300+ who auditioned for Ryan Cayabyab’s singing group -- and was one of the 7 original members of the Ryan Cayabyab Singers.  She also taught Musical Theatre workshops and Movement for Singers class at the Music School.

She has lived her life in the arts, will continue to do so as she also juggles being a Financial Advisor and Unit Manager, Associate Wealth Planner and Estate Planner along with being a mother to 2 kids.

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