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Theater Actors Guild

Cholo Ledesma



Actor, Sound Designer, Scorer, Director,
Moderator of Teatro Baguntao





Cholo is a theatre artist who acts, produces, directs, and designs sound and music for the stage. He graduated with a psychology degree and a Loyola Schools Award for the Arts in Theatre Arts (Performance) from the Ateneo de Manila University in 2018, and is a proud alumnus of Tanghalang Ateneo (TA). He is currently taking graduate studies in Counseling Psychology, and is the director/moderator of Teatro Baguntao, a student theatre group in the Ateneo de Manila Senior High School.

Cholo’s acting credits include Balay Dolor (TA, 2020),  Alpha Kappa Omega (TA, 2019), The Plague (Dramatis Personae, 2018), Lysistrata ng Bakwit (TA, 2018), RD3RD (Areté, 2018), Werk in Progress (Black Canvas, 2017), Boy (TA, 2016), R.U.R. (TA, 2015), and the award-winning Rite of Passage (TA, 2014), for which he was nominated for Best Actor in a Non-Musical at the 28th ALIW Awards. In 2018, he performed and co-translated a version of Rolando TInio’s May Katwiran ang Katwiran in Yogyakarta, Indonesia for the 11th Asia Pacific Bond of Theater Schools Festival.

Cholo recently served as Sound Designer and Music Composer for Welcome to IntelStar and Bulagang! (Ateneo Fine Arts, 2021), and as Sound Designer for Next to Normal (Ateneo Blue Repertory, 2020). For Teatro Baguntao, he directed P***! (2021), Pagbabaguntao (2021), and May Katwiran ang Katwiran (2019). He was an Associate Producer for the critically acclaimed Stop Kiss (+space, MusicArtes, and New Voice Company, 2019), Production Manager for Ang Apologia ni Sokrates (ADMU Philosophy Department, 2019), and Co-PM of RD3RD (Areté, 2018).



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